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The average IQ of the site users is (of the 200 possible). Number of results is . Take one of the IQ tests. Check that your intelligence is above average. It is not obligatory to provide information about yourself for the statistics.
After testing is complete you can compare your answers with the correct answers and read the explanations.
The use of a calculator is not permitted in respect of the numerical questions, which are designed to test your aptitude when working with numbers as well as your powers of mental arithmetic.
Such tests are particularly useful to anyone who may need to undertake graduate and managerial selection in the future. They are also of value to any professional who contemplates seeking other positions which may involve the use of psychometric testing as part of the selection process, or as a means of internal advancement in the organization in which they are employed.
Of the various methods that involve measure intelligence, the most famous of which is the iq test, which is designed to measure human intelligence. Humans have an average iq score of 100. Everyone should meet at least this result.
On our site average score IQ is . Deviation from the 100 is points. The reason for this is that people with a lower IQ more rarely perform IQ testing on websites.

Fast IQ Tests:
Attention! These IQ tests are less accurate than in the upper table. Therefore, to obtain an accurate result, you must pass two tests in a row, then calculate the average result.

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Most people have an IQ of 100.
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