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Free IQ test 2.

Everything is free, without the need for SMS or registration. The result is given immediately. Data filling for the statistics is not obligatory.

The average result of IQ testing is (out of 200). The total number of results so far is . Take this IQ test to see whether your intelligence is above or below the average. Data filling for the statistics is not obligatory.
* Data filling for the sta­tis­tics is not ob­li­ga­to­ry.
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IQ test are free, accurate, and online. The result of passing IQ test is issued immediately without the need for registration or SMS. To start testing, click Start IQ test button.
After the testing is complete, you will get the possibility to see the correct answers and compare them with your own ones. You can also read the explanations for each answer. To do this you need to click the button - Wrong answers, which is located just below the result of IQ test on the result page.
Also the button - Statistics of the Results - is located nearby. By clicking this button you can see all the statistics of the IQ test Results of all users of this site and compare those results with your own ones. There are statistics both general and separate for men and women. Data filling for the statistics is not obligatory.
The average adult IQ is 100. Everyone should meet this result, at least. The average IQ testing result on the site is , which is indicated at the very top of the page. As people with a lower IQ on average pass IQ tests more rarely, on Internet sites also, the deviation of points from 100 takes place. Therefore, there is such a slippage in our statistics.

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Your IQ is :
For most people, IQ is 100.