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IQ Tests Statistic with education distribution.
The information is presented in the form of data tables and diagrams on this and subsequent pages. There are data both for all users and separately for men and women. To get information on a specific line in the form of a diagram, click on the link—Diagram.
Statistics of the IQ Tests Results in the data table.
Education Average
Number of
Men Women Statistics in
the diagram
Secondary education Men Women Diagram
Associate’s degree Men Women Diagram
Bachelor Men Women Diagram
Master Men Women Diagram
Doctor of Philosophy Men Women Diagram
Doctor of Science Men Women Diagram
TOTAL Men Women Diagram
The diagrams show the proportion of IQ Tests Results divided into groups of 10 points. For example, the diagram in the first line in column 86-95 shows the value . This means IQ level of IQ Tests Users (Secondary education) was from 86 to 95 points out of 200 in percent of cases.
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