IQ levels

Many users who have completed an IQ test and received an IQ score are interested in the question - “how high is my IQ level?”. Here we will explain to you what IQ ranks or levels are. And you will be able to understand whether your level of intelligence is sufficient. Below is a table of IQ levels, with ranges of IQ scores and ranks.
On our site you can see the IQ rating of the countries of the world by average level. You can also take one of our IQ tests to find out your IQ level.
IQ levels and score range
IQ rank IQ scores IQ level
1160 >Superior Giftedness (Genius)
2130 - 160Various degrees of intellectual endowment
3120 - 129Brighter intellect
4111 - 119Bright intellect
590 - 110Average IQ
650 - 89Intelligence is below average
7< 50Low intelligence
An IQ score between 111 and 119 indicates a bright intellect. An IQ score between 120 and 129 indicates a brighter intellect. An IQ score of 130 or more indicates intellectual giftedness. However, some tests are slightly different, and intellectual giftedness can be shown on a score of 135-140 or higher. Those who score over 160 are endowed with superior giftedness, often referred to as the «genius» category.
However, the critical factor of intelligence is its development and use. Without development and use, high intelligence is a useless characteristic, both for a person and for society. A person who scored from 50 to 89 points has a level of intelligence below average. IQ scores below 50 indicate a low level of intelligence. If a person has an IQ level below average, then he needs to develop his intelligence.
What happens if a person does not score above average IQ? This does not mean that a person does not have the ability to do some other activities. Perhaps other tests may reveal your talents. While the IQ test itself will give you a fairly accurate measure of your intelligence, there are many other aspects of human intelligence, such as creativity, musical talent, and psychomotor skills, that are not measured by the IQ test.
IQ level is not a reliable indicator of abilities in the creative, psychomotor and leadership areas. For example, not doing well on one type of test may indicate an area of weakness, while higher scores on another type of test may indicate areas of study or work that will be relatively easy for you. And it is possible that somewhere close is the field of activity for your talent.