Free IQ tests

Free IQ tests online. They will measure your IQ level from 10 to 200. All intelligence tests with instant results. Compare your IQ level with the IQ of other users. Then you will know how smart you are.

Classic tests
Classic IQ tests are suitable for most users. Questions correspond to standardized tests. When analyzing questions in tests, you train your logical thinking, general intelligence, and the ability to solve non-standard problems. As a result, you increase your IQ level.

Easy tests
Easy IQ tests have a lower difficulty, so it will be easier for you to answer the questions they contain. These tests are great for warming up before moving on to higher levels.

Normal tests
Normal IQ tests are similar to classic ones, but they often have non-standard graphics and question logic. The questions are a little less standardized, but they will be suitable for most users.

Heavier tests
These IQ tests are more difficult than classic or normal IQ tests, so the questions will be more difficult to answer and the test will take you a little longer. The difficulty level is slightly higher.
Test with numbers
Numerical IQ tests contain questions with numbers or with counting of some shapes. Although in other types of tests there are also several numerical questions.

Hard tests
Test with numbers
These IQ tests are more difficult than all the previous ones. Analyzing questions and preparing answers will require much more effort and time than regular tests. Recommended for advanced users. The level of difficulty is noticeably higher than that of conventional tests.

Tests for Einsteins
These IQ tests are approximately equal in difficulty to the complex tests. Analyzing answers to questions will require much more effort and time than regular tests. Recommended for advanced users. The level of difficulty is higher than that of regular tests.

Very hard tests
In these tests, all the questions are very hard. These tests are only recommended for very experienced users.

After completing the IQ test, check your answers to see how many of them were correct. Review the questions you answered incorrectly. Thus, you increase your level of intelligence (IQ). You can also see the IQ scale or graph, which are located in the site statistics. Statistics can be found after completing the test, or in the sections: «IQ scale» or «IQ rating» (link below), located in the navigation menu.
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